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  • Internal GM detectors for Beta and Gamma detection
  • Microprocessor based with easy-to-read LCD alphanumeric display
  • Beta window for ambient levels for contamination on “samples” eliminating the need for a second unit
  • Analog and digital displays provide both trending and accuracy
  • Nine decades of operation (from environmental to accident levels) and will not saturate in over 100 Sv/hr field
  • Unique “Time-To-Count” GM technology provides high accuracy and allows calibration with license free sources
  • Displays and stores up to 100 data points
  • Dose and dose rate alarms across entire measurement range
  • Switch activated chirper provides audible “rate” for use in noisy work environments
  • Predictive algorithm provides estimate of time in the field before alarm
  • Illuminated display for operating in low light conditions
  • RS-232 Serial and USB computer port
  • Contamination resistant sealed membrane keypad

The ADM300A(V1B) Multi-Functional Survey Meter detects, measures and digitally displays levels of gamma radiation dose rate from 0.01 μSv/h to 100 Sv/h. The analog display covers 0.01 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h. The ADM300A(V1B) detects and displays relative level of beta particles. This meter measures, stores, and digitally displays accumulated dose from 0.01 μSV to 100 Sv. The analog display covers 0.01 μSV to 10 Sv. This portable instrument is rugged and reliable, and designed for use in all environments.

The unique Time-to-Count technique is employed in this meter to eliminate the dead time and saturation effects that are common with conventional Geiger Mueller detectors. This functionality allows wide range detection with unsurpassed accuracy and linearity. When coupled with optional external “Smart” probes, the ADM300A(V1B) instrument can be used to measure, store, and display Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-ray radiation. “Smart” probes store probe ID, calibration data and have an internal high voltage power supply.


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