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GEM-5 gamma portal

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  • Rugged and reliable for high traffic areas
  • “Best in Industry” sensitivity − Eight identical large plastic scintillators
  • 25 mm side detector lead shielding 
  • Optional 25 mm of additional lead for side panels, top and bottom detector
  • WebRemote
  • Windows 10 IoT operating system with LAN capability
  • Sophisticated “fast following” background trending and release-limit algorithm provides the best possible performance in any type of radiation field
  • Fully compliant with IEC61098 Standard requirements

The highly sensitive GEM-5 gamma exit monitor provides power plants and nuclear facilities the very latest gamma detection capability to monitor pedestrians leaving areas of potential radioactive contamination. Operation of the monitor is straightforward and reliability is assured with both audible and visual aids to support monitoring activities. The easy to see color LCD screen provides visual cues and readily displays contaminated areas. Additionally, users are guided through the monitor with a voice annunciator, which provides clear voice prompts necessary for dependable unassisted operation during normal conditions. With Mirion WebRemote software, easyto-use touch screen graphical user interface for industrial PC-based operation results in improved health physics programs, better tracking of contamination and faster, more thorough personnel throughput at boundary points. Access to the installed computer is through a single convenient panel on the front of the monitor. The computer includes built in USB and LAN ports, and is located inside a lockable door. The GEM-5 is rugged, reliable and extremely easy to use.


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification

The unit will detect a point source located anywhere on the monitored person, in a standard background of 80 nSy/h, using the following modes:

Walkthrough: 830 Bq Co-60; 1850 Bq Cs-137
Pause (4 s) and Count: 555 Bq Co-60; 830 Bq Cs-137
Two-Step: 370 Bq Co-60, 8 s; 370 Bq Cs-137, 18 s

Exterior: 224.8 x 88.9 x 76.2 cm (H x W x D)
Portal Opening: 205.4 x 61.0 x 76.2 cm  (H x W x D)

Without lead installed: 452.5 kg
With one layer of side detector lead shielding installed: 975 kg
With two layers of side detector lead shielding installed: 1497,5 kg

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