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CGO-Smart LNC Spectrometric Objects Monitor 307 Liter

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  • Compliance: fulfils the requirements of ISO11929(2019), DIN 25457, EURATOM Directive 2013/59) and its national implementation
  • Low detection safety margins
  • Sensitivity: large volume plastic detectors in a 4π configuration
  • Intelligence: automatic weight correction of the LNC factors, compensation of NORM and background contributions, automatic handling of lightweight objects
  • Speed: Mirion Technologies’ most advanced decision algorithms allow for a shortest possible measurement time
  • Versatility: Clearance and Free Release using the same monitor-real time mode switching
  • Availability: dynamic background radiation compensation using spectral analysis. 
  • Reliability and Stability: proven plastic scintillator technology

The CGO-Smart LNC is a universal contamination monitor for clearance and free release measurements in a single device.

This highly sensitive monitor has been designed for contamination measurements of average sized items like tool boxes, bags and waste drums. This new monitor is based on the industry proven Smart™ detection technology: spectrometry using plastic scintillation detectors and energy analysis.

Moreover, the CGO-Smart™ LNC features Mirion Technologies’ well proven leading nuclide correlation (LNC) technology, which is particularly effective for handling of complex nuclide vectors and reporting of nuclide specific activity as needed for free release applications.

Data sheet


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification

Chamber dimension:  60 x 60 x 84 cm (H x W x D) or 307 Liters
Detectors: 6 plastic detectors
Spetrometry: 8 ROI, 256 channels each
Energy threshold: 50 keV (LNC mode 80 keV)
Spectrum based stabilization for temperature and drift compensation
Spectrum weighted activity
Localization indication
Table of nuclides and user configurable nuclide vectors
Footprint: 84 x 89 x 155 cm
Weight: 1200 kg with 10 mm shielding, 1600 kg with 25 mm shielding, 2300 kg with 50 mm shielding

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