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RTM661-440 – Clearance Monitor 440 liter

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  • Chamber 440 liter
  • Fast integral gamma measurement with selectable predefined materials to be measured
  • A large measurement chamber for high throughput
  • An intuitive graphical user interface for easy operation
  • High sensitivity
  • Modular design to fit various possible requirements
  • Windows 10 IoT operating system and Lighthouse monitor software
  • Ability to network

TM661/440 is designed for the reliable release measurement of waste bags, brief cases and toolboxes. Its fast, integral gamma measurement is based on the use of 6 gamma plastic scintillation detectors with PC based counting electronics. It features both expert mode and an easy-to-use push button mode.

Data sheet


Göran Jonsson


Technical specification

Chamber size 700 x 700 x 900mm 
6 plastic scintillator detectors, 1 door and 30 mm lead
Software option 
50 mm lead

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