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Communication devices – Hotspots, Instalink, Apps

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The Instadose dosimeter automatically saves its daily dose data in the dosimeter. To transfer the dose data to the laboratory’s database, the dosimeter needs to communicate with a communication device. It can be an App, a PC software on a PC with bluetooth or an independent device (Hotspot) which is connected with an Ethernet cable to the Internet.

Installed PC software with Bluetooth communication is the simplest solution without IT configuration requirements
A Hotspot is optimal for larger groups (> 10) who store their dosimeters together when not being worn and use the calendar readout.
A mobile app is useful for all ambulatory or dispersed personnel. Requires the user to start the communication from the dosimeter himself. The app is called Instadose Companion and is available for free download at


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Size: 13 x 13 x 7 cm
Weight: 700 gram
Bluetooth Range: ~15 meter
Transmission capacity: 10 dosimeters/minute

Instalink USB
Size: 64 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 20 gram
Bluetooth Range: ~15 meter
Transmission capacity: 10 dosimeters/minute

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