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TLD Albedo Dosemeter Photon + Neutron Hp(10)

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  • Measure Hp(10) whole body monitoring, photons and neutrons
  • Approved by SSM for category A workers
  • 4 pcs of TLD (LiF) elements
  • Individual calibration in each element
  • Including Gammadata report doses to national dose registry

The TLD (thermoluminescence) albedo dosimeter is a whole body dosimeter for photons and neutrons Hp(10). Four lithium fluoride chips are fixed between PTFE on a bar-coded aluminum card. Two of the detectors contain the isotope lithium-6 which is sensitive to neutrons and photons, the other two contain the isotope lithium-7 which is just sensitive to photons.

The card holder consists of boron-loaded plastics and features two windows for neutrons, one on the front side for the direct impinging neutrons and the other on the back side for the so called albedo neutrons. These neutrons are back-scattered from the person’s body.

Please consider that for neutron radiation field the calibration factor for calculating neutron dose depends strongly on the specific workplace field:

  • N1: Nuclear power plants and research reactors
  • N2: Fuel element handling
  • N3: Radionuclide sources (e.g. Cf, Am(Be))
  • N4: High energy accelerators, proton therapy

For each dosimeter the matching N-factor has to be submitted to the dosimetry service. The albedo dosimeter has to be worn with the backside close to the body.


Maria Tallskog


Technical specification

Detect: Photon and Neutron
Detector: TL
Measured quality: Hp(10)
Dose range: 0.1 mSv – 2 Sv
Photon energy: 20 kev – 7 MeV
Neutron energy range: Thermal – 10 MeV
Weight: 25 g
Dimension: 75 x 41 x 9 mm
Incident angle: 0° ± 60°

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