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Jaszczak Phantom for SPECT

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  • For SPECT and PET systems
  • System performance evaluation (collimator, artifacts, calibration, reconstruction parameters)
  • Acceptance testing
  • Routine QA

Jaszczak Fantom is used for QA of SPECT or PET cameras.

The Jaszczak Phantom is available in 4 variants:

  • Standard – medium to high spatial resolution in SPECT and PET systems (043-762)
  • Deluxe – high to very high spatial resolution in SPECT and PET systems (043-750)
  • Ultra Deluxe – ultra high spatial resolution of SPECT and PET systems
  • Without flange – simplifies positioning (043-757)


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification


All clear material: PMMA
Cylinder inside diameter x height: 21,6 x 18,6 cm
Cylinder wall thickness: 3,2 mm

All clear material: PMMA
Rod diameters: Vary with insert
Height of rods: 8.8 cm
Solid sphere diameters: Vary with inert
Height of center of spheres from base plate: 12,7 cm

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