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Hotpot Digital Dry Heater

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Boiler for pharmaceuticals with digital temperature control and countdown timer. It has digital heating element temperature display. Four heating cavities to accommodate all the common kit vials. Can be adaptable to other vial dimensions upon customer’s request.

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Dimension: 208x138x119mm
Shielding: 4 mm lead on all sides
Kit Vial Well Depth: 26.2 x 45.5mm
Kit Vial Well Diameter:: 24×41.5mm
Weight: 9.5kg
Shielding: Built-in 4mm 
Temperature Range: 5°-200°C
Resolution: 1°C
Accuracy- +%5
Mains Input: 230V
Case: Electrostatic powder coated steel
Lid: White teflon

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