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Captus 4000 – Thyroid Uptake System

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The Captus 4000e is a comprehensive Nuclear Medicine Measurement System, with specific software modules for thyroid uptake, wipe tests, automated quality assurance tests, lab tests, and isotope library. The system includes a fully functional 1024 channel MCA with auto and manual calibration. Timed activity mode features a programmable repetitive timed measurement program. Improved menu driven workflow and large 20 inch color touch screen streamlines user interface. The fully integrated DICOM interface communicates directly with hospital information systems, and can transfer patient, wipe test, and QC data. New and improved stand provides ergonomically adjustable monitor and easy to position articulating collimator arm. Four sided comfortable handle grips and swivel wheels ensure easy mobility. PC can be attached to either right or left side to optimize workspace.

Captus 4000e Thyroid Uptake System with Well: 5430-30152
Captus 4000e Well Counting System: 5430-30153
Captus 4000e DICOM Interface: 5430-00007

Rod sources is nesseccary but not included, order separetly:
1) Cs-137 with activity 18,5 kBq (part number GF-137-R2)
2) Eu-152 with activity 18,5 kBq (part number GF-152-R2)

Web training of Captus could me found here


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

All-in-one computer: 22″ touch screen with Windows 10.
Floor stand:
adjustable height
– 220° collimator rotation
– Left or Right side mount
– Neck phantom storage location
– Heavy duty locking casters that swivel 360°
– Closed Storage Position: 142 x 71 x 81 cm
– Arm able to extend 91 cm horizontally beyond shelf
– Vertical travel 64 to 160 cm
– Weight: 154 kg
Printer: Color Ink Jet printer
Collimator: 2″ diameter for 14-pin NaI detector
MCA: 1024 channel two detector input. Max count rate 200 kcps. Automatic peak finding. Software controlled lower level discriminator.

Power: 230VAC 50Hz, 1,1A

Please note: Microsoft Office is NOT included. Has to be provided by customer

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