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Bind-it Decontamination

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Bind-It offers three distinct advantages over other decontamination products:

  • Pleasantly scented – Bind-It spray is formulated with a mild, pleasant scent.  No harsh odors, no sulfur smell, no wrinkled noses.
  • Bind-It WILL NOT cloud lead glass – finally a way to clean syringe shields and L-blocks – without damaging or clouding the glass.
  • Bind-It is extremely effective at removing nuclear medicine isotopes, including radio-iodines.

Bind-It Spray is safe to use on delicate well detectors, thyroid probes and camera heads. Bind-It Spray is non-corrosive and safe on painted, coated or varnished surfaces.

Bind-It works by attracting and binding the isotope, thereby trapping it in solution. This attraction is so powerful, it will even “pull” spilled isotope out of tile grout and other semi-porous surfaces. It is also highly effective as a shield when used to pre-treat surfaces such as bench tops and workplaces where spills are likely. Simply spray the surface and allow to dry. This makes cleanup faster and easier.



Stefan Isaksson


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