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Decontamination Kit

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This kit contains all protective clothing, decontaminants and accessories for handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination problems in the lab. Each kit comes in a plastic drum with a radioactive label and can be used for storing radioactive waste.

Decontamination Kit Includes

1 pcs 14 Gallon Open Head Poly Drum W/Plastic Leverlock Closure. Un/Dot Rating: 1h2/X65/S 1h2/Y100/S, Yellow
2 pcs Tyvek Disposable Coverall with Hood
2 pcs Pairs, Pvc Booties, Yellow, 6 Mil
2 pcs Half Mask Respirator, 5500 Series, Equiped with 7580p100 Filters
2 pcs Pairs, Latex Gloves
1 pcs Decon Hand And Instrument Cleaner
5 pcs Polyethylene Printed Bags, 18”X 24”, .004 Mil. Yellow with Magenta Lettering, “Caution Radioactive Material”
1 pcs Roll Yellow Tape with Magenta Lettering, “Radioactive Materia;” With Trefoil
1 pcs Sponge Mop, Pail, Dustpan and Brush
2 pcs Yellow Warning Signs eith Magenta Lettering, “Caution Contaminated Area”
1 pcs Rad Rope, 3/16”X50’, Yellow/Magenta
1 pcs Pack Of 50 Sampling Swipes
1 pcs 12” Disposable Plastic Niptongs


Stefan Isaksson


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