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Extended Range Coaxial Ge Detectors (XtRa)

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  • Spectroscopy from 3 keV to >10 MeV
  • Wide range of efficiencies
  • High resolution – good peak shape
  • Excellent timing resolution
  • High energy rate capability
  • Equipped with Intelligent Preamplifier
  • Diode FET protection
  • Warm-up/HV shutdown
  • USB 2.0 Serial Interfac

The Mirion XtRa unit is a coaxial germanium detector having a unique thin-window contact on the front surface which extends the useful energy range down to 3 keV. Conventional coaxial detectors have a lithium-diffused contact typically between 0.5 and 1.5 mm thick. This dead layer stops most photons below 40 keV or so rendering the detector virtually worthless at low energies. The XtRa detector, with its exclusive thin entrance window and with a Carbon Composite cryostat window, offers all the advantages of conventional standard coaxial detectors such as high efficiency, good resolution, and moderate cost along with the energy response of the more expensive Reverse Electrode Ge (REGe™) detector.

The response curves (below) illustrate the efficiency of the XtRa detector compared to a conventional Ge detector. The effective window thickness can be determined experimentally by comparing the intensities of the 22 keV and 88 keV peaks from 109Cd. With the standard 0.6 mm Carbon Composite window, the XtRa detector is guaranteed to give a 22 to 88 keV intensity ratio of greater than 18:1. Beryllium and aluminum windows are also available.


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