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OSPREY Universal Digital MCA Tube Base for Scintillation Spectrometry

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  • All-in-one HVPS, preamplifier, and digital MCA
  • Compatible with standard 14-pin scintillation detectors using 10-stage PMTs, including NaI(Tl) and LaBr3(Ce)
  • Optional temperature-stabilized* NaI(Tl) and CeBr3 probes
  • USB 2.0 connection for PC plug-and-play
  • Ethernet 10/100BaseTX (PoE) connection for network applications
  • PHA, MCS, SCA, MSS, List, and Time-stamped List modes
  • Fully supported by Genie™ 2000 software and programming libraries
  • Optional software development kit with examples
  • Diagnostic web GUI
  • Compatible with Model 727 shield

The Osprey is a high-performance, fully-integrated multi-channel analyzer (MCA) tube base that contains everything needed to support scintillation spectrometry. Designed for both laboratory and field use, this one compact unit contains a highvoltage power supply (HVPS), preamplifier and a full-featured digital MCA. Osprey can be controlled through either USB or Ethernet with no need to purchase two separate units – an industry first. USB or Ethernet, there is only one cable connecting the Osprey to the control and data acquisition system.

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