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Triathler Luminometer

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  • Luminometer

The Triathler Luminometer from Hidex is equipped with renowned single photon counting technology by Hidex unrivalled by any other luminometer on the market. The unit can be equipped with automatic or manual injection devices for glow type assays and provides an ideal tool for general hygiene monitoring, toxicity assays ATP or report gene assays.

Data sheet


Stefan Isaksson


Technical specification

Sample Types: LSC vials, Microtubes, Test Tubes 
Detector: Single-Photon Counting PMT
Display: 2 x 16 character alpha-numeric LCD 
Energy Range: 2 keV – 2000 keV
Counting Time: 0.1 seconds- 99999 minutes
Output: RS-232C to PC or thermal printer 
Power: 1~230 V or 12 VDC 
Dimensions: 33 L x 25 W x 19 H cm
Weight: 9 kg

Luminescence Counting
Sample Size: LSC Vials, Microtubes, Test Tubes 
Max. Count Rate: 30 MCPS
Luminescence sensitivity: < 10 amol ATP/vial

S2S-001 Alpha/Beta Separation
S2S-110 Internal lead Shield for LSC
525-100 Internal lead Shield for Multilabel Tester
431-302 Equipment Case
525-203 Field Case with Battery
431-303 Field Case with Wheels
425-1130 Automatic Injector for Triathler

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