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Q-ARE 100

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  • Manual operation or control is not required
  • Flow rate can be automatically controlled following user’s need.
  • Ultimately, it will reduce preparation time.


  • Safety oriented compact design with acrylic doors keeps you safe.
  • With this clean & compact look, your desk will have much more space.


  • With one sample, up to 5 targeted radionuclides can be extracted.
Quick and Automated Radionuclide Extraction System Q-ARE 100 can help you

In order to characterize the radioactivity from environmental and decommissioning samples, gravity was used for the process. Currently vacuum boxes have been used to increase the speed. Hidex Q-ARE 100 introduces increased process time and complete walkaway automation.

The most advanced automatic extraction chromatography system dedicated to radionuclide separation function. Quick and easy-to-use unattended radionuclide extraction system. User friendly, intuitive, hassle-free.


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

  • Pump: THOMAS* Peristaltic pump
    • No. of Pump: 8
    • Speed: 0.4 ~ 300 rpm
    • Operating flow rate: 0.1~10ml/min.
    • Motor Stepper: motor, bipolar, stepping angle 1.8°
    • Material of the hose clip: PVDF
    • Nominal voltage: 24V/DC
    • Max. suction height: 8 m H2O
    • Max. pressure height: 10 m H2O
    • Max. ambient temperature: 40°C
    • Media temperature: 50°C (short time 90°C)
  • Solenoid valve function: DC 24V, CoolCube-R, (Bio-Chem*) applied, Provides Hit and Hold function, Reduces power consumption at holding state
    • Flow Selection Valves: Bio-Chem* flow selection valve
    • No. of port: 2, 4, 6-port
    • Orifice size: 0.062”
    • Body: PEEK
    • Diaphragm: PTFE
    • Internal volume: 2-port: 27/15 (Com. Port / Inlet Port), 4-port: 117/35 (Com. Port / Inlet Port), 6-port: 207/35 (Com. Port / Inlet Port)
  • Tube/Fitting material: PTFE, PEEK, ETFE
  • Acceptable Columns: 2~20ml column(PP or glass) compatible with columns of Triskem*& Eichrom*
  • Target Radionuclides: Am, Cm, Pu, U, Th, Sr, Pb, Po, Ra-226, Ra-228, etc.
  • Number of Inlet
    • Solvent delivery: 8
    • Washing: 8
  • Number of Outlet
    • Sample fractionation: 8
    • Waste: 8
  • Max. No. of operating columns
    • No. of reagent port: 12
    • No. of sample collection: Max. 40
    • Acceptable sample: 10, 50ml Tube and 20ml collection bottle scintillation Vial
    • Large volume sample: 8 (more than 50ml) port
  • Operating Temperature: +4°C to 40°C
  • Output: USB port:
  • Operating system(OS): Windows 10
  • Power: 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions:(WxDxH): 88x56x65cm
  • Weight: 45kg

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