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ProSafe LT+

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Low Level Counting Cocktail.
ProSafe LT+ is the latest addition to the ProSafe range of NPE-Free LSC cocktails and as such does not contain any SVHC’s (Substance of Very High Concern) as defined in the European REACH regulations (EC 1907/2006).

ProSafe LT+ is used to measure Low Tritium levels at Low Temperature.
ProSafe LT+ accepts up to 11 mL water in 10 mL cocktail with Tritium counting efficiencies approaching 28% with conventional counters and >30% with Hidex TDCR counters.

At 10 mL water in 10 mL cocktail, using optimised windows and low-level count mode, ProSafe LT+ provides MDA’s approaching 1.4 Bq/L with conventional counters.

ProSafe LT+ is used to determine low levels of Tritium in different water samples and provides a stable counting system for all loadings at temperatures down to 14°C.

• Low background contribution ensures lower LLD’s
• High capacity for water samples maximises sample capacity
• Stable at temperatures down to 14°C for sub-ambient counting
• Compatible with urine samples encountered in bioassay work
• Suitable for use with up to 2.5 ml samples in mineral acids (1 to 4M) makes it ideal for alpha / beta counting
• No diffusion through plastic vials ensures stable repeatable counting
• High flash point of ~ 140°C increases safety
• ProSafe LT+ is NPE free
• Disposal by incineration only.


Stefan Isaksson


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