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ProSpect – Gamma Spectroscopy Software

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  • ProSpect Gamma Spectroscopy Software with an ergonomic, intuitive user interface
  • Rapid connection to devices through ‘Discover’ functionality
  • Compatible with CANBERRA Osprey and Lynx®DSPs
  • Full acquisition mode support, including all the advanced modes of the Lynx and Osprey
  • Supports ProSpect XML-based and Genie 2000 .CNF data storage format
  • Streamlined export functionality to CSV format
  • Compatible with Windows® 7 (32- and 64-bit) and Windows XP (32-bit)

ProSpect is an intuitive, but extremely versatile, software package for the acquisition and low complexity analysis of gamma spectroscopy data. Simplicity of use allows ProSpect to be operated with minimal training by a broad range of users. Its modern and efficient user interface is an ideal solution for gamma spectroscopy training and basic counting applications.

ProSpect is CANBERRA’s first in a line of new innovative spectroscopy software solutions, bringing an enhanced interactive approach to spectroscopy.


Stefan Isaksson


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