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LB 1342 – scintillating contamination probe for LB 134

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  • LB 1342 scintillating contamination probe with area 170 cm²
  • Radiation detected, alpha and beta/gamma
  • Accessory Wall bracket

LB 1342 is a 170 cm² ZnS scintillation detector for alpha and beta/gamma activities. Light detection via photomultiplier. Window thickness of 2 x 0.4 mg/cm² plastic metallized, grid with 80% transmission. Excl cable.

Wall Bracket as accessory = 65281
Cable 11-pin to 11-pin = 62869
Cable 8-pin to 11-pin = 62870

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Detector: ZnS
Area: 170 cm²
Detect: alpha and beta/gamma contamination
Result: cps or Bq/cm² with factory defined, editable calibration factors for more than 50 radionuclides

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