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STHF-R water proof high dose rate probe

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  • Measurement of H*(10) ambient gamma dose equivalent rate up to 1000 Sv/h
  • To be connected to Radiagem, MIP 10 or Avior meters.Does NOT work for Colibri, RDS-32
  • Waterproof: 80 m water depth
  • Detector: Silicon diode
  • 5 kSv maximum integrated dose
  • Compact portable design for detector and detector cable on reel

The STHF-R ultra high flux probe is designed for the measurements of very high gamma dose-equivalent rates up to 1000 Sv/h which can be found in pools in nuclear power plants or in recycling facilities. Effectively this probes box is stainless steel based and waterproof up to 80 m underwater. It can be laid underwater in the storage pools Borated water.

An optional ballast weight can be supplied to ease underwater measurements.

The STHF-R probe is composed of two matched units:

  • The measurement probe including the silicon diode and the associated analog electronics.
  • An interface case which houses the processing electronics that are more sensitive to radiation; this module can be remotely located up to 50 m from the measurement spot.
  • An intermediate connection point with 50 m length cable to which the interface case can be connected.

The STHF-R probe can be connected directly to Avior, Radiagem or MIP 10 Digital meters. The STHF-R unit receives power from the survey meter during operation.

Ballast for STHF = EM84470
STHF-R PC USB Cable = EM78466
Calibration/Setup Software (CSPS) = EM78468.

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Detector: Energy compensated silicon diode
Energy range: gamma 50 keV – 2 MeV
Measurement range: 1 mSv/h to 1000 Sv/h
Sensitivity: 0,017 c/s per µSv/h @ 662 keV
Dimension: 20 x 93 mm (Ø x h)
Weight: 100 g 
Cable reel: 50m
Temperature: -30°C to +50°C
Ingress protection: Probe is IP68, Interface case is IP65

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