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Identifinder R425

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Identifinder R425 is a modern nuclide identification device, offering 360-degree coverage so you can locate the source. It builds on FLIR’s trusted algorithms. With the familiar identiFINDER user interface and 3-button control, you can operate the R425 quickly, communicate results with reachback functionality. Identifinder offers enhanced ruggedness and withstand harsh environment very well. Batteries are hot swappable.

As an accessory, there is equipment to simulate radiation sources with the aim of being able to train without the risk of exposure.

Mobil App RadREMOTE for remote access and reachback is found here for Google play Android and here for Appstore iOS

  • Sourceless stabilization
  • USB-C, bluetooth, GPS
  • Available with NaI or LaBr3 detector


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Detector: NaI(Tl) 45 x 45 x 45 mm , LaBr3 35 x 35 x 35 mm, with SiPM, GM-tube for high dose rates
Neutron detector: ZnS – 27 x 58 x 5 mm moderated panels (2 each)
Energy range: 20 keV – 3 MeV
Gamma sensitivity: NaI = 1610 cps/µSv/h, LaBr3 = 1000 cps/µSv/h
Neutron sensitivity: ~7 cps/nv (designation nv is one thermal neutron per cm² per second)
MCA: 1024 channels
Dose rate range: 0,1 – 10 Sv/h (accuracy 10% @ 662 keV for NaI/LaBr3)
Stabilization: Sourceless
Resolution: NaI < 7%, LaBr3 < 3.5% FWHM (662 keV, 20 degree)
Standard: ANSI N42.34
Bluetooth: BLE 5,0
File format: ANSI N42.42
Batteries: Hot-swappable Li-cells
Operation temperature: -30° – +60°
Dimension: 235 x 100 x 95 mm
Weight: 1,2 kg
Protection class: IP67
Salt pray test: MIL STD 810G

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