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Lead Lined Drywalls

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  • Lead-lined drywalls
  • 1 or 2 mm lead shielding
  • 600 x 2600 mm or 600 x 3000 mm


Standard lead lined drywall panels to provide radiation protection for adjacent rooms. These panels can be ordered in different lead shielding thicknesses and dimensions. Due to the flexible production facility, these lead lined drywall panels can be delivered quickly and in any dimensions needed. Our drywall panels are UV-resistant and have a lasting flexibility. lead lined drywalls are used as wall shielding, sound isolation and radiation shielding doors. 

Adhesive lead strips can be used to seal off any seems between the lead lined drywall panels to create a completely leak-free radiation shielded room


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Shielding Thickness: 1 or 2 mm
Drywall thickness: 12,5 mm
Dimensions: 600 x 2600 mm, 600 x 3000 mm
Min. order qty: 20 pcs

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