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Beta Particle Standard Set – BF-200

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  • Available as Type A or Type MF2

This set consists of six nuclides covering the energy range 156-2282 keV (maximum): C-14, Tc-99, Cl-36, Pb-210/Bi-210, Pm-147 and Sr-90/Y-90.This set can be ordered without Lead210.

The C-14 source contains 0.1 µCi (3.7 kBq).The other nuclides contain 0.01 µCi (370 Bq).

The sources are Type A or Type MF2, 1” (25.4 mm) overall diameter and 0.125” (3.18 mm) thick.

Customer will specify source type. Please note that Pb-210 is not offered in the MF2 configuration.
Included in each set is an empty mount, one 0.9 mg/cm2 aluminized Mylar window, one stainless steel disk, aluminum plug, aluminum support ring, and a Model BF-090 SPLIT split source.

Beta Particle Standard Set Table


Stefan Mårtensson


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