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Mirion (formerly Canberra) manufactures a wide range of Silicon and Germanium Photon Detectors and offers the broadest line of cryostats and accessories in the industry.
Canberra also makes an advanced type of Silicon Charged Particle Detector which is known as the PIPS®(Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon) Detector. The PIPS Detector provides much better performance and greater ruggedness and reliability than conventional SSB or Diffused Junction Detectors.

The Scintillation Products business of the Saint-Gobain Crystals Division is a combination of companies that have been prominent in crystal growth or in radiation detection and measurement. Notable names include Bicron, Crismatec, Harshaw/STI and NE Technology (inorganic and organic scintillators and detectors); Gamma Laboratories and TGM Detectors (gas-filled radiation detectors).

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