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At Gammadata, you get help from experienced specialists and the products are of the industry-leading highest quality, which is supported by a competent service team.

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All you need for Radiation Detection


Complete Nordic supplier of radiation detection equipment

Gammadata supplies high-quality products for radiation measurement and analysis. Many of these have become industry standards in several areas such as personal dosimetry, instruments for surface contamination and clearance, activity measurements, lab equipment and spectroscopic systems.

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More about the team

Today, 4 product and application specialists work in the Radiation Detection department with more than 100 years of experience in creating sustainable and innovative solutions.
Together with 6 service engineers and additional 4 people in business support, we offer a complete and competent team for the entire Nordic region.
Since the start in 1987, we have served customers in research, industry, education and organizations for important societal functions.

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Latest news in radiation detection

Radiation Detection deparment at Gammadata



I.e.. ISO 9001, Achilles Utilities and Sellihca.



We sell and service over a thousand products.


Responce time

Our service agreements include a 24-hour response time.


Based in the Nordics

We have local offices throughout the Nordics

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