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Service Contract

Gammadata Service Contracts. Standard, Support and Advanced.
Gammadata provides service programs for all our products. We have three levels of service agreements, where Service Contract Standard is the most common. If you have unique applications and special requirements, we can always offer a custom-made service agreement. We call this Service Agreement Advanced. The most common situation is a large volume of instrumentation in the same contract.

Service Contract Standard

This is our most common service agreement and it is a platform for close collaboration with many of our customers. You can add up to four products to the same contract.

Preventive Maintenance
A scheduled annual preventive maintenance, including all travel costs and accommodation is included in the contract. We keep track of the service intervals, and we always send out reminders prior to the yearly visit. Some products can be sent in for preventive maintenance. We offer 10% discount on PM-parts and consumables.

Corrective Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance is quoted on request. Our intention is to be onsite within 10 business days. Express call-out for 3 business days. As a Contract Customer you have 20% discount on our hourly rate and 10% discounts on spare parts and send in repair.

Support and Product Training
Free unlimited remote support during normal business hours is included in the contract, 20% discount on product training, maximum 3 attendees.

Service Contract Support

If you have the technical competence and resources within your organization or if your product does not need regular maintenance, you can sign a Support Contract where the scheduled service visit is excluded. All other benefits align with Service Contract Standard.



For further information and quotation on service agreements, contact us at:
+46 (0)18-56 68 00



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