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PolyLab Modular torque rheometer

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The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab is a measuring mixer and extruder system that meets today’s – and future – quality control (QC) and research and development (R&D) needs.

This measuring mixer and extruder system supports you in process modelling activities such as: Compounding polymers with additives to reduce flammability, viscosity, etc., scale-up extrusion processes by using different L/D ratios to extrapolate to your master process line, simulating master processes using only as little as 50g of material to optimize extrusion or mixing in respect to temperature and shear profile or extrusion of strands, profiles or films in combination with rheological or optical measurements. Consequently, you can optimize your process parameters, create test specimens or perform quality control on incoming and outgoing goods with regard to viscosity, dispersion or plasticizing behavior. The drive unit of the HAAKE PolyLab OS system comprises all elements of a torque rheometer that are needed to drive the measuring system (precise speed controller) and to monitor the torque (accurate torque sensor) needed to process the test material.

System architecture based on an open industry standard for flexible connection of different sensors and systems

Ease of operation
Fast and simple connection of measuring attachments without changing application and operating software

Remote controller
Operate the system from a distance and observe the entire test from a different location

Service and reliability
Reduce down-times with remote diagnostics and have the ability to change out components with precalibrated replacements

Return on investment (ROI)
Time-saving instrument usage and meaningful results relative to the application increase product quality and reduce development time

Compatible with:

The system features lab mixers as well as single and twin-screw (conical and parallel) extruders to provide most comprehensive data to our customers.

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