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Autamme sinua löytämään oikean ratkaisun. Tarjoamme tukea, huoltoa, kalibrointia ja koulutusta kaikille tuotteillemme. Ota yhteyttä palvelusopimusta varten!


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TLD materials as pellets in the form of solid pellets of 4,5 mm diameter and 0,9 mm thickness. Other dimensions possible on request.

this is LiF:Mg,Ti doped based on natural Litium (MTS-6 is based on enriched Li-6 nad MTS-7 on enriched Li-7 for improved neutron response). Used world wide in radiation protection applications.
Pre-irradiation: 400°C for 1 h followed by 100°C  for 2 h
Post-irradiation: 100°C

Ultra sensitive LiF:Mg, Cu, P doped. 30 times more sensitivity to gamma than MTS-N and therefore suitable for low dose measurements. MCP-N are rather sensitive to thermal treatment which makes it important to use an annealing oven with good temperature stability
Pre-irradiation: 240°C 10 min and rapid cooling to room temperature
Post-irradiation: 100°C

LiF:Mg, Cu, P the best solution for extremity dosimetry. It’s thin active-layer ultra sensitive TLD designed to measure Hp(0,07) in external fields of weekly penetrating radiation. Each pellets consists of a thin radiation-sensitive part of 8.5mg*cm² effective thickness, bonded to a thick, mechanically stable, non luminescent LiF matrix.
• Flat energy response after X-ray and ß-ray doses
• High sensitivity-reliable measurements of Hp(0.07) in the μGy range.


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