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Instadose for Hp(10), USB read-out

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  • Dosimeter and webb access is included in the subscription
  • Instadose is USB read-out dosimeter for category A and category B wearers
  • No fees for delayed dosimeters
  • No manpower required to collect the dosimeters
  • Dosimeter dose result is visualized during read-out
  • Dose transmission to national dose registry is included in the service

Instadose is a small personal dosimeter that is read directly by the wearer using the USB port on a internet connected PC. This dose meter has accreditation by the radiation authorities to act as a legal dosimeter for category A and B personal. The read-out is instant and very easy with a internet connected computer with USB socket. Connect the dosimeter, read it, and you will get your accumulated dose since last read-out. The result is sent to a secure server and your dose administration, management, reading history and reporting is done directly in the web browser. Reports are possible to download as excel-files.

Instadose is available in diffrent colors blue, green, silver, pink, and black.

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Type of radiation: Gamma, Hp(10)
Energy range: 15 keV – 6 MeV
Mimimum reportable dose: 30 µSv
Useful Dose range: 120 mSv, thereafter dosimeter automatically replaced
Dose range emergency: 5 Sv
Pulsed radiation: Yes
Angular dependence: Tested
Temperature range: -20 – +40 ºC
Test ∆U USB: Tested
Low dose and rate: Tested
Fading: Tested
EMC: Tested
Drop test 1 m: Tested
Humidity: up to 90%

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