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Instadose – Dosimetry service

Gammadata offers a dosimetry service based on a modern personal dosimeters type, Instadose, suitable for all workers with risk for exposure of ionizing radiation. The dosimeter is approved by many radiation authorities world wide, for instance the Swedish authority SSM and SSMFS 2018:9. The dosimeter detection principle is DIS technology which offers a small device with automatic read-outs to a internet connected receiver or mobile phone. This gives the dosimeter wearer instant information after exposure and terminate the risk of loosing dosimeter in the shipment to external laboratory. The dose data will be reported to the national dose registries. The service includes web based tools like, a free read-out app on Google Play or Apple Appstore, occupation reports, remind to perform reads, and many more. These handy tools will simplify the dose administration at site.

  • No manpower required to collect and administrate the dosimeters, simply just generate an mail to the wearer to remind about read-out their dosimeter
  • No fees for a delayed dosimeter
  • No parcel fees
  • Direct result to the wearer. Specific “hot work” could be monitored
  • Dose reporting to the national dose registry included in service
  • Dosimeter is swappable from old to new employees or visitors

Additional information about Instadose could be found here www.instadose.com

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