Griffin G510X

The Griffin G510 is a portable gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) system for performing advanced analyzes of chemical substances, narcotics and explosives in the field. Modifications to the new G510x make it possible to identify trace amounts of narcotics in complex mixtures.

The confidence in identifying the substance in the field is crucial for the reliability of the instrument. The Griffin G510x has proven to be very capable of confirming narcotics “hidden” in other substances. Given the potency of fentanyl and its derivatives, even a microscopic amount can be life-threatening. The G510x can detect as little as two percent Fentanyl concentration mixed in a background of common painkillers, where other systems may only detect painkillers.

The G510x has built-in databases that are updated every three to six months. Currently, the database provides hits on more than 3,500 illegal drugs, metabolites and other related compounds. A 9″ touch screen guides the user and the screen can be used with protective equipment. Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, Wi-Fi hotspot, provides reachback capability via end-to-end encrypted connection.

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