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FastTrack-Fibre Mobile

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  • Compact new designed housing, waterproofed
  • Outdoor version
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fixed mounted detectors
  • 15 mm lead cassettes with handle 
  • Up to 14 detectors
  • External battery in a box for at least 8h operation
  • Removable external touch display

The Mobile Version of the FastTrack-Fibre personal monitor combined advances of GammaFibre and  FastTrack technologies with a new design and a transport equipment for a quick installation.

Differences between FTF and FTF Mobile
Detector pillars are fixed mounted
More compact housing
Lead shielding 15 mm (15 or 30 mm in std FTF)
Battery pack for 8h use
External touch display 
Internal width 640 mm (900 mm or 620 mm for std FTF)

Options for FTF Mobile:
– Aluminium crate: with hinged lid, hinges and fasteners; retractable end wall can be used as a ramp
– Transport trolley : transport rack equipped with wheels and automatic assembly assistance
– Head and/or Foot detector
– Protocoll printer



Göran Jonsson


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