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ABPM 203M – Mobile Alpha/Beta Particulate Monitor

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The small and light weight extendable sensor of the ABPM 203M allows this monitor to function locally next to the respiratory tract of personnel. A dual silicon detector performs the gamma compensation and a radial fin grid limits the scattering of the alpha particles (static compensation) which facilitates the compensation of the radon and thoron solid progenies by the processing algorithms (dynamic compensation). Operating costs are minimised through unattended operation, by the use of a continuous filter and the on-line spectroscopy capability. All these features make the ABPM 203M an efficient diversified and cost effective tool.

  • Perfectly adapted for alpha and beta measurement of particulates in environment with high rate of radon
  • Optimized a measurement for high energies (Pu-238, P-239)
  • Real time alpha spectrometry
  • Up to 6 months filter cassette autonomy


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Göran Jonsson


Tekniset tiedot

Radiation detected: alpha, beta and gamma
Detector: dual large area silicon
Filter type: FSLW2 (Millipore)
Typical energy windows:
– alpha: 2 MeV -10 MeV
– beta: 80 keV – 2.5 MeV
– gamma: 80 keV – 2.5 MeV
Typical measurement range:
– alpha: 0.01 Bq/m³ – 3.7 MBq/m³
– beta: 1 Bq/m³ – 3.7 MBq/m³

Long term temperature: +10°C to +40°C
Maximum periodic ambient temperature: -5°C to +55°C
MTBF: > 20 000 hours, with preventive maintenance of the pump
TID: 100 Gy
Standard flow rate: 35 l/min
Pressure drop: 100 to 350 mbarDimensions: 1270 x 360 x 303 mm
Weight: ~ 26 kg
Power supply: 230 V
Data link outputs: 1 RS232 and 2 isolated RS485
Alarm relays: 3 SPDT relays
I/O: 2 isolated analog outputs (0/4-20 mA)
Alphanumeric display: measurement, status…
Sound alarm: buzzer L p= 90 dBA at 1 meter
Visual alarm: 2 lights (red, yellow)

Hoses length: 1.5m, 3m ,10m or 20m

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