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Simulated gas standard

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Simulated-gas standards provide calibration for gamma spectrometers over a wide energy range. The standards are prepared using Analytics mixed gamma-ray standard mixtures deposited on a low-density polystyrene matrix in your actual counting containers. The matrix has a density of 0.015 to 0.020 g/cm³. These standards require no attenuation corrections over the energy range 59.5 to 1836 keV. The simulated-gas standards have several advantages over gas standards. The simulated standards provide a wider energy range, have longer useful life, require no transfers and are leak proof.

All custom-made, simulated-gas standards are prepared gravimetrically from NIST traceable solutions and are thoroughly QC tested against actual gas standards in the same geometry.

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Stefan Mårtensson


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Density: 0,015 to 0,020 g/cm³
Mixed gamma standard: 59 – 1836 keV

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