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IR-2000 TLD irradiator

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  • Irradiation of single TL-elements or TL-dosimetercards
  • Programmable delivered dose by repeatedirradiations
  • Irradiation of 500 dosimeter cards per hour with 90Sr/90Y source
  • Used for TLD-system QC and calibration
  • IR 2000 is for standalone use ( no PC needed)
  • Loading capacity up to 200 cards with optional cassette feeder

The Mirion Dosimeter Irradiator IR-2000 has been designed for calibration of the Mirion TL- based dose control system. The instrument is used for sensitivity calibration of the system, for system linearity checking and for individual sensitivity calibration of the TL- material in use.

Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Speed: 500 four element cards per hour (1 mGy)
Dose range: 1 to 100 mGy
Leakage radiation level: < 1 μGy/h at 10 cm distance on the case surface
Radiation source: 90Sr/90Y, 37 MBq
Irradiation programs:
– equal exposures for successive dosimeters
– separate individual exposures for successive dosimeters
– linearly increasing exposures for successive dosimeters
Capacity: 200 dosimeter cards with optional cassette feeder
Dose repeatability: < 0.5%
Control: Menu driven with 16 control keys
Option: automatic casette feeder, capacity of 10 cassettes

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