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CSP-PL Programming Library

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  • Provides library of executable functions to communicate with CSP probes and CSP-COM
  • Allows CSP probes measurements acquisition on a PC
  • Allows CSP probes communication with third party software
  • Can connect multiple probes to a PC
  • Can connect remote probes to a PC with CSP-COM range
  • Backwards compatible with all CSP probes

With CSP-PL Programming Library, CSP probes can be connected directly to a PC without the need for a survey meter. Measurements can be directly acquired, stored and displayed in any way that the computer allows. A PC can then act as a survey meter or a scaler/timer or as any instrument based on CSP probes with the appropriate software development.


Data sheet


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Probe to PC cable: NOM006288

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