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Simulated Radiation Source

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  • Simulated gamma source
  • Near isotropic field
  • One fixed level, or 8 variable levels

Safe-MiniSource simulator is a simulated radiation point source. It uses radio frequency emitter to generate a field which can be detected by the simulation instruments, with the resultant reading displayed on the LCD Display of the instrument. It’s designed to be easily hidden and features a single button to turn the source on/off and a led to indicate battery low.

The Safe-MiniSource is a simulated radiation field generator which will generate a near isotropic field pattern providing a field of approx 15 meters in all directions. It runs off 2 standard AAA cells giving an operation time of over 10hrs.


Stefan Isaksson


Technical specification

Available types

Safe-MiniSource (Fixed 1 activity level)
Safe-MiniSource Variable (10 activity levels). From 0,5 µSv/h – 25 mSv/h @ 1 meter
Safe-MiniSource Variable Remote Control (8 activity levels)
Safe-Pocket Source Variable (10 activity levels)

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