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Lead Lined Plywood

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  • Plywood lead lined panels

Lead lined plywood panels that can serve multiple purposes. These lead lined panels can be used for walls, radiation shielding doors, sound isolation in machine rooms, shielding of machinery, and more. The choice of end finishing material ranges from wood to steel, making these panels very versatile. We can quickly deliver any size and composition. Since there are no rest pieces, our lead lined panels are competitively priced.

Standard sizes;
Part RSW131M – 600 x 2600 mm (w x h), 1 mm lead. Min qty 20 pcs. Weight 32 kg
Part RSW132M – 600 x 2600 mm (w x h), 2 mm lead. Min qty 20 pcs. Weight 50 kg
Part RSW131L – 600 x 3000 mm (w x h), 1 mm lead. Min qty 20 pcs. Weight 35 kg
Part RSW131M – 600 x 3000 mm (w x h), 2 mm lead. Min qty 20 pcs. Weight  55 kg


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Shielding Thickness: 1 or 2 mm lead
Finishing Materials: Plywood, Gypsum, MDF, Steel, Plastics
Compositions (examples):
3 mm MDF / 1 mm Lead / 3 mm MDF
3 mm MDF / 2 mm Lead

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