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Single Nuclide Liquid Standard

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  • Traceable low activity solutions for calibration.
  • Calibrated traceable solutions – 7000-series or Isotrak
  • Non-calibrated solutions – 6000-series


7000 Series
Each nuclide is NIST traceable. Contained activity values have a ±15% relative to the requested activity value. The uncertainty of the measured activity for a NIST-traceable calibration can be ±3% at the 99% confidence level but will be no greater than ±5% unless otherwise noted. Manufactured in USA

6000 Series
Each isotope has a nominal contained activity of ±15%. Solutions are available in a variety of activities. Activity ranges for each nuclide are listed in the tables in the datasheet. Manufactured in USA.

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  • Vial type and volume
  • Fill volume

Flame Sealed Ampoule, Glass,  5 ml,  16.5 x 84 mm
Flame Sealed Ampoule, Glass, 10 ml, 19,0 x 107 mm
Flame Sealed Ampoule, Glass, 20 ml, 22.6 x 130 mm
Flame Sealed Ampoule, Glass, 50 ml, 28.5 x 178 mm
V-Vial, Polypropylene, 2 ml, 2.7 x 46.5 mm
V-Vial, Polypropylene, 5 ml, 20.3 x 59.4 mm
Plastic Bottle, Polypropylene, 125 ml, 50.8 x 101.6 mm
Plastic Bottle, Polypropylene, 1000 ml, 88.9 x 203.2 mm


Stefan Mårtensson


Technical specification

Available isotopes are

Ag-108m P-32
Ag-110m Pb-210
Am-241 Pm-147
Am-243 Po-208
Au-195 Po-209
Au-198 Po-210
Ba-133 Pu-236
Be-7 Pu-238
Bi-207 Pu-239
C-14 Pu-240
Ca-45 Pu-241
Cd-109 Pu-242
Ce-139 Ra-226
Ce-141 Ra-228
Cf-252 Ru-103
Cl-36 Ru-106
Cm-244 S-35
Co-56 Sb-124
Co-57 Sb-125
Co-58 Sc-46
Co-60 Se-75
Cr-51 Si-32
Cs-134 Sm-151
Cs-137 Sn-113
Eu-152 Sr-85
Eu-154 Sr-89
Eu-155 Sr-90
Fe-55 Ta-182
Gd-148 Tc-95m
Gd-153 Tc-99
Ge-68 Te-123m
H-3 Th-228
Hg-203 Th-229
Ho-166m Th-230
I-125 Th-232
I-129 Tl-204
I-131 U-232
Ir-192 U-233
Mn-54 U-235
Na-22 U-236
Nb-95 U-238
Ni-59 Y-88
Ni-63 Zn-65
Np-237 Zr-95

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