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Foil with frame SA-, SAB- SABG-series CSP-probes

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  • Spare frame with foil.
  • Fits Mirion CSP family SA-, SAB-, SABG-XXX
  • Areas 32, 100 and  250 cm²

Mylar foil with frame to Mirion CSP family probes. Available versions;

NOM006280 (WIN100M) – fits SAB-100,SA-100, SABG-100
NOM006295 (WIN100A) – fits SB-100/B
NOM006387 (WIN100MR) – fits SAB-100/R, SB-100/AR
NOM006451 (WIN100M2) – fits SB-100/A
NOM006450 (WIN32M) – no frame. Fits SAB-32, SA-32
ANT006803 (WIN32A) – no frame. Fits SB-32
NOM006635 (WIN250M) – fits SAB-250
NOM006636 (WIN250MR) – fits SAB-250/R

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