Demo Instrument Sales

Here you will find the demo instrument that for any reason should be sold. Please keep in mind that the instruments can have outdated factory calibration protocols.

ABP-150 - scintillation probe

Part number: 1233-289

Part number: 1233-289 ABP-150 is a handheld frisking and contamination probe for sensitive alpha or beta/gamma measurement when using the RDS-series.  It can be used in various applications in nuclear industry, nuclear fuel cycling process, decommissioning of nuclear power plants and in radioactive waste management.  



GR1-A+ Demo Instrument Sales

Part number: GR1-A+

Part number: GR1-A+ The Kromek Advanced GR1 (GR1-A) is a USB-powered gamma spectrometer employing the same 1cm3 CZT detector and electronics used in the GR1 but has additional auxiliary input/outputs that greatly increase operational flexibility. 60000 SEK ex.moms

T401 - Demo Instrument Sales

Part number: T401_DEMO

Part number: T401_DEMO Very rugged and easy to use contamination monitor. Measures alfa/beta/gamma with a geiger müller detector. Protection class of main case is IP65 and detector IP34. Battery lifetime typically 100 h. Weight 1 kg. Measures cps or Bq/cm² 6000 SEK ex.moms

T202 EX proof (ATEX) - Demo Instrument Sales

Part number: T202

Part number: T202 The Tracerco dose rate monitor has been designed to combine intrinsic safety (ATEX) with ruggedised but lightweight construction and provides additional key operational features such as personal dose integration and peak dose rate memory. 10000 SEK ex.moms

PDS-GO - Small Scintillator Dose Rate Meter

Part number: BAK-4066 DEMO

Part number: BAK-4066 DEMO The PDS-GO is a lightweight, small, sensitive, personal gamma radiation detector, designed to meet the ANSI N42. 32 radiation detection requirements. 4000 SEK ex.moms

RAM Ion - Ion Chamber -Demo Instrument Sales

The RAM ION is an ionization chamber vented to atmospheric pressure designed for skin dose H'(0. 07), eye lens dose H'(3) and optionally deep dose H'(10) measurements. It 's battery operated, auto ranging, designed for measurement of dose rates and dose from gamma, x-ray and beta radiation. 8000 SEK ex.moms

SABG-15 Pancake - Demo Instrument Sales

Part number: EM85916_DEMO

Part number: EM85916_DEMO The SABG-15+ is a part of the CSP (Canberra Smart Probe) and designed for the measurement of surface contamination. Detects alpha, beta and gamma emitters. The probe itself store key parameters, settings, calibrations, probe ID, alarm settings (10 values for each unit to display with default setting), etc. 3000 SEK ex.moms

PDS-100 - Demo Instrument Sales

Part number: 55370, 55060, 55062

Part number: 55370, 55060, 55062 The PDS-100GN/ID is a sensitive pocket-sized devices are designed to detect, locate, quantify and identify radioactive sources to discriminate on the spot Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and medical isotopes against industrial sources or Special Nuclear Materials. 10000 SEK ex.moms

SAM 945 - Demo Instrument Sale

Part number: 945-G

Part number: 945-G The SAM 945 is a handheld nuclide identifier which gives the user real-time information of isotope, isotope class, dose rates and count rates. Is uses a smart phone as display which offer some extra features like touch screen, ringtones, vibrions etc. The library is expandable to 497 isotopes. 40000 SEK ex.moms

GMP-12-3 - gamma probe for RDS-31/RDS-32

Part number: 1233-276

Part number: 1233-276 Gamma probe for connection to RDS-31.  These External Probes enhance the detection capability of the RDS-31 survey meter.  The GMP-12-3, GMP-12H-3 and GMP-12L-3 probes are intended for monitoring gamma and X-ray radiation.  They have been designed to fulfill both the civil defense and industrial applications requirements. 6000 SEK ex.moms

GMP-25 - contamination probe for RDS-31/RDS-32

Part number: 1233-279_DEMO

Part number: 1233-279_DEMO The GMP-25 probe is a 'smart probe' for RDS-31-series of handheld instrument. Available as
GMP-25 - with fixed spiral cable 30 cm - 1,5 m. GMP-25i - without cables (order sepratly, see accessories). 4000 SEK ex.moms

DMC 2000S - Electronic Dosimeter

Part number: UVS102

Part number: UVS102 The DMC 2000S features flat energy response to X-rays and gamma field from 50 keV to 6 Mev and linear response to dose rate fields from natural background up to more than 10 Sv/h.  The pass-by data exchange feature gives unequal operational flexibility. 2000 SEK ex.moms

DMC 2000XB - Electronic Dosimeter X-ray and Beta - Demo Instrument Sales

Part number: UVS110

Part number: UVS110 DMC 2000XB is an electric personal dosimeter for Hp(10) and Hp(0. 07) measurements. It features flat energy response to betas 60 kev to 3,5 MeV and for gammas from 50 keV to 6 Mev. Linear response to dose rate fields from natural background up to more than 10 Sv/h. 5000 SEK ex.moms

Air sampler, high volume

Part number: DFHV-1DTSE

Part number: DFHV-1DTSE Läs mer i bifogat datablad 29000 SEK ex.moms


Part number: bPAD+VR

Part number: bPAD+VR The bPAD is an intelligent, compact Single-Channel Analyzer. Unlike traditional designs, this device is fully digitally controlled via USB: no scope or messing with screwdrivers is necessary. A simple PC application allows all the parameters (High Voltage level, amplification factor, discriminator thresholds) to be quickly set. 20000 SEK ex.moms

Ortec DigiBASE

Part number: DIGIBASE_DEMO

Part number: DIGIBASE_DEMO The digiBASE is a 14-pin photomultiplier tube base for gamma-ray spectroscopy applications with NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors. 10000 SEK ex.moms

LB 6500-3-H10

Part number: 40079_1_DEMO

Part number: 40079_1_DEMO Dose rate probe in stainless steel envelope with integrated Geiger-Müller counter tube, amplifier-pulse shaper stage and high voltage module. Accessory: Wall mounting bracket stainless steel, distance holder for LB6500, part 56395 8000 SEK ex.moms

DP5 OEM Digital Pulse Processor

The DP5 is a high performance digital pulse processor (DPP) optimized for OEMs and lab users. It digitizes the preamplifier output signals, replacing both the shaping amplifier and MCA in a traditional, analog spectroscopy system. 5000 SEK ex.moms