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Hans-Christian Becker

Get to Know Hans-Christian Becker

When did you start at Gammadata as service engineer?

I started at Gammadata in April 2012 after having spent my entire career as a university researcher. I studied chemical engineering and hold a Ph.D. in physical chemistry.

Which products from Gammadata do you work with?

I primarily work with desktop scanning electron microscopes and FTIR and Raman spectrometers from Thermo Fisher, but also work on mostly anything remotely connected to optical spectroscopy.

Did you work with similar products previously and if yes , for how many years?

In my previous life as a researcher I used UV/vis and fluorescence spectrometers along with ultrafast lasers to study photoinduced electron transfer as well as dynamics of fluorescently labeled proteins. When I came to Gammadata I had no formal service experience, but of course working with lots of equipment of, to put it mildly, varying age required a lot of practical knowledge of how things work.

What is the most fun about your job at Gammadata?

First of all my colleagues. You couldn’t imagine a nicer, more helpful, and knowledgeable bunch of people. Then it is of course to meet customers and helping them solve problems.

How many “devices” do you handle per months approximately (including PM , repair, training, installation)?

That varies a lot. Probably around a dozen or so including installations, but sometimes more, sometimes less.

Tell us about a project or a situation in your career at Gammadata that you are particularly proud of.

There are lots of them, but of the more recent ones is a case where I and a colleague working together found the cause for intermittent loss of communication between a spectrometer and an accessory. Diagnosing such faults is not always easy as it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. Through teamwork and mutual exchange of ideas we managed to locate the source, which was a partially failing electronic component. We replaced it and the customer’s system was up and running again without problems.

What is your best tip to improve the working day?

Get up early and drink liberal amounts of coffee, and tell your colleagues when they have done a good job.

Do you have any other tips you want to share? For example. something you think is very good or something you think more people should know about? Such as possibility to make an inquiry through our webpage directly or other things.

When coming to a unit that needs service, it is always good to know as much as possible, so a thorough report of what the problem is helps a lot.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

The dog and family take up most of my time. Going motorcycle riding with my daughter is something we both enjoy. Radio and electronics are other things I have as hobbies.

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