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SN-S neutron probe

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The SN-S is a light weight neutron probe designed for neutron surveys. The SN-S is compatible with all CSP family instruments, including CSP-COM. The SN-S exceeds ANSI N42.34 neutron detection specifications. The user can be warned within two seconds of being exposed to an un-moderated Cf-252 source emitting about 20 000 n/s at a distance of 25 cm. The false alarm rate in the presence of a strong gamma source must be no more than once per hour. The SN-S is a SMART Probe (CSP).

  • Extremely low impact of vibrations on measurement
  • CSP family, compatible with all CSP meters
  • Lightweight package
  • Uses time-tested moderated He-3 tube
  • Meets safety transportation requirements and regulations (pressure less than 2 atm)
  • Up to 45 h operating time
  • Easy handling of the unit

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Stefan Mårtensson


Tekniset tiedot

Detector: Moderated He-3
Units: cps
Range: up to 20 kcps
Sensitivity: 1,6 cps per µSv/h of Cf-252
Gamma sensitivity: less than 0,5 cps for H*(10) < 100 mSv/h
Dead time: 5 µs
Dimension: Ø85 mm x 340 mm length.
Weight: 1,33 kg
Protection class: IP67
Temperature: -10ºC to +50ºC

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